The Pikcell Project

The Pikcell Project has a goal to make a positive impact on the world, with 18% of all sales going to charity.

What is the project?

Pikcells is currently undergoing a full revamp - please wait for more information!

Combining the "community canvas" concept with SixPM's Dynamic NFTs, The Pikcell Project (TPP) revolves around a grid-based canvas, controlled by the community!

Every square ("cell") on the canvas is linked to an NFT, which gives ownership over that cell's content.

  • See instructions to set your images.
  • Check out cells on the canvas explorer!
  • Check out the project guide (PDF)

What are Rounds?

The Pikcell Project will be undertaken in rounds, each lasting a season from round 2 onwards. At the start of each round, cells on the canvas grid are sold via a drop, with a limited number of "clustered cell blocks" available by auction. The community will be able to buy/sell/swap for adjacent cells on the secondary market.

The first few rounds will operate slightly differently as the project begins.

  • Round 1 will run from 1 Aug to 31 Aug.
  • Round 2 will run 3 months, depending on community feedback.

At the end of each round, the Canvas is locked, and your Cell NFTs will update to display the final image. For each round, 18%** of the combined profit from the drop and cell block auctions will be donated to a charity selected by the SixPM Community on Discord!

Round 1 is currently underway! See packs and drops on NeftyBlocks.

* Inappropriate content such as hate speech, NSFW images, etc and copyrighted images will be removed from the canvas and replaced with pictures of my cats to prevent the project from being shut down.
** Because 6PM = 18:00

How do I get my space on the canvas?

There are a number of ways to get Pikcells

  • NeftyBlocks Drop: A drop will be the primary way to obtain your Pikcells. The drop will give you random Pikcells on the canvas, with a cooldown on buying.
  • Pikcell Blend: Holders of the NFT obtainable through the upcoming TPP Promo Blend will be airdropped 2 free Pikcells for the first round, and have a gauranteed opportunity to buy bonus Pikcells in subsequent rounds.
  • Origin Coin/Timekeeper: In Round 1, Origin Coin or Timekeeper holders will be airdropped 2 free Pikcells per Origin Coin or a block of ??? Pikcells (Timekeeper) each round.

How many Pikcells are available and what will they cost?

The first canvas is a grid of 80x45 Pikcells, with each Pikcell being a 64px square.
This results in 3,600 Pikcell NFTs, creating a 5120x2880 pixel total canvas size.
Pikcells bought from the drop will start at 64 WAX each - Each Pikcell gives you a 64x64px space on the canvas.